Our team

Equitable representation in valuation practice starts with a team of driven real estate professionals. Our team combines decades of thought leadership, experience, and insight in the field of real property and personalty valuation.

Our client-focused and innovation-based approach to property valuation remains crucial to developing fact-driven appeals that are effective in ensuring fair tax treatment for your property.

  • Frank Lima


    Frank is Principal at Fulcrum Tax Advisory, LLC where he manages a broad-based portfolio of national tax appeals.

    Frank has practiced real estate valuation and appeals for the last 40 years throughout the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. He concentrates his efforts in real estate appraisal, feasibility analysis, property tax consulting, and real estate litigation support. As a qualified expert witness, Frank has managed numerous property tax appeals through the litigation process throughout the years.

  • Kristina Bonesteel

    Managing Director

    Kristina is responsible in cultivating and maintaining relationships within the commercial real estate industry and in growing Fulcrum’s presence across national, regional, and local communities. Kristina continually keeps abreast of current national, state, and county valuation trends that affords her with unique perspectives to provide valuation insight with respect to minimizing tax liability legally for our clients.
  • David Blum

    Senior Administrator and Lead Analyst

    David is a Senior Administrator and Lead Analyst for multi-state appeals at Fulcrum. David supervises appeal workflow, direct data-gathering, and document preparation. David has re-shaped some of the processes to pursue these appeals more aggressively. David also has helped with the implementation and adaptation of the technology stack that helps us manage the details of each case.
  • Piotr Kuczaj

    Chief Technology Officer

    Piotr develops code for specific research initiatives and coordinates with database development groups that design the data platforms on which we build our research and data management platforms. Piotr works with teams at Fulcrum to develop process and workflow management tools to facilitate research and cross-communication among teams.
  • Vanessa Dingillo

    Project Specialist

    Vanessa works with the Business Development group on property and market research and analytics and directional estimates for onboarding clients. Vanessa also supports Fulcrum’s multi-state team with state-level appeals administration, evidence gathering, and data compilation.